Gateway to re-entry



Living Environment: it is important for everyone in the household to be on the same page by offering support and living legitimately. It is extremely crucial to maintain a drug and crime free-living environment for anyone to stay out of prison. To remain out of prison one must be willing to do what is right, make sacrifices and be around individuals who are also on the right track. Respecting the person offering their home is not an introduction to become a part of the issues in the household. In some ways, they are agreeing to reduce their freedom in their own home. Parole agents are free to visit at will.


Employment: seeking employment should be like an investor, one must have an attitude of staying with the job until something better comes along that is also legitimate and pays more and have better benefits. This job is what you call a life jacket; it enables you to take care of your family, and it is a stepping-stone in realizing your own dreams.


Parenthood: it is critical to become an intimate part of your children’s lives in a positive and healthy way. One must speak the truth to them at all times. Explain sincerely that you have not been the kind of parent you know you could have been and then look at your children squarely in the eyes and apologize for the poor decisions you made. Keep your word with your children do not make promises you are not able to keep. Stay in contact with them through letters and cards, it is the small things that really make the biggest impression.


Your Associations: the individuals you associate with in the larger society should have similar goals and interest as yourself. They should be committed to living a drug and crime free lifestyle. The more you associate with positive individuals, the more positive you will become in your thinking and actions. Creating a supportive environment will do a lot in keeping you out of prison.


Accepting Change: once you begin to change the things you do in your life, it is important to not to be ashamed to share your experiences with your prior acquaintances. Let them know you are not the same person prior to your incarceration, and that you are on the road to becoming a better person. Those individuals who do not mean you any good truly will have no problem in involving you in illegal activity that will send you back to prison. They are selfish and do not really care about you, your goals or your family.


Setting Goals: when making changes in your life it becomes necessary to set small goals for yourself. Keep a journal and track your progress and reward yourself for each milestone. Be confident because you are leading by example. Every successful step brings you closer to achieving your overall goals. The ultimate goal is to stay out of prison.


Selecting a Mate/Spouse: his is critical because the right type of support is necessary for staying legitimate across the board by keeping drugs out of your environment and staying gainfully employed. Your choice of a mate is a very critical component in the equation of whether you succeed or fail to a great extent.


Believe: don't worry about whether people believe in you as long as you believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in your own dreams how do you think you can get others to believe in you and your dreams.


Recidivism: when you continue to operate in the same fashion as to what got you incarcerated initially the risk of returning to prison remains high. You must have more patience and slow down your thinking process so you can begin to evaluate more closely what is coming at you and what is really going on around you. Having patience can save your life, and not having it, can put you in a negative situation.


Remembering: always remember that the prison you just left still has a bed waiting for you should you ever need a place to stay. Regardless of how many people are in the prison, there is still space available for you. In case you don’t know, prison is a big business and common sense along with previous experience should have brought you to the realization that it is the kind of business that you may prefer not being an inmate.

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